My Happy Place

I love candles, but even more I enjoy the process of making them .  It gives me joy and relief from everyday stresses from parenting, "wifing", and just life.  I'm the mother of 4 beautiful kids, including a stepdaughter, and wife to a wonderful husband, but behind all that I struggled with anxiety and depression, which made me turn to alcohol for many years with no outlet.  Today, I'm a recovering alcoholic , with 10 years clean from alcohol.  But even after I stopped drinking I found my emotions so overwhelming; that's when I found candle making.  When I'm making candles I'm purely in the moment and focusing on something positive and beautiful.  I feel useful and purposeful and most importantly joyful.  I cant wait to make the next candle for you! 

Custom Orders or Special Occasions

 I'm based out of my home in Woodinville, WA.  I can be easily reached if you have any questions and would like a custom or large order for weddings or special occasions; would like to contact me for a candle making class. Phone 425-420-0318.

True Quality

Each candle is made with an all natural coconut wax blend and is hand poured and individualized.  I want each one to be perfect.  If you're not happy with your candle then I'm not happy (I'm a little codependent).